Hillsborough Bicycle

My son Elijah and I are opening a bike repair shop in Hillsborough, North Carolina. It's a quaint little 250-year-old town on the Eno River with riders coming through almost daily, but there are no bicycle shops within 15 miles. 

Elijah has been working at the Durham Bike Co-op twice to three times a week for the past year and has the skill and passion of a true bike geek. He can not only repair and maintenance any road, mountain, hybrid or leisure bike, he knows the best parts and where to get them, and he has built numerous bikes from the frame up. 

Last summer we rode on RAGBRAI, the annual bike tour across Iowa, almost 500 miles of father-son bonding time. The acid test? I rode a bike he'd built from a generic Nashbar frame, and it was the smoothest ride I've ever experienced. I'd only done RAGBRAI once before, but I'd commuted quite a bit and owned several bikes. Thank you, Elijah!

We found a cool but small location in historic downtown Hillsborough, in the back of a mom-and-pop hardware store. We need help starting this shop. We need an investor or two to help us with startup expenses such as rent, tools, shop supplies, and various incorporation and membership fees. The total is going to be around $3000 to get started. Once we're going, I think we'll keep cruising, because we want to expand into retail and custom refurbs. 

Email us if you'd like to see our first-draft business plan. We're open to suggestions and needful of support. Thank you!



À la Carte Service

  • Fix a flat, tube included  — $10
  • Adjust cables/der/brakes (assuming cables/components are not damaged) — $15
  • Overhaul bearings (headset, bb, hubs), per set — $20
  • Install components (brake, der., etc), per component — $12 (plus parts)
  • Basic True Wheel, per wheel — $10-$20
  • Wheel building — $50 (plus parts)
  • We also stock an assortment of tires, tubes, lubes, etc. , which are available for sale.



  • Basic Tune-Up (clean frame, drive train, brakes, adjust cables, lube) — $60
  • Major Tune-Up (same as above plus new cables, wheel truing, and bearing   adjustments as necessary) — $90
  • Total Rebuild  (strip to frame, all bearings overhauled, new cables/housings, wheels trued, deep cleaning, reassembly and test ride) — $120


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